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With Microsoft’s server-side web application ASP.Net you’ll be able to produce dynamic websites, web applications and web services

Microsoft ASP.NET Certificate Course in as Little as 30 Hours

Do you have the desire to create dynamic websites? With your technical and creative mind you should consider becoming a Microsoft ASP.NET Programmer.

Certificate Course Highlights

With the ASP.NET Certificate you’ll learn how to build dynamic websites, web applications and web services using ASP.NET. ASP.NET is an open source, server-side web application framework designed by Microsoft to create dynamic web pages with a minimum of coding. ASP.NET produces websites based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that are simple, fast, and can scale to millions of users.

Course Outline

During the Microsoft ASP.NET Certificate you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to ASP.NET
  • Web Forms Architecture
  • ASP.NET and HTTP
  • Web Applications Using Visual Studio
  • Using Visual Web Developer
  • Visual Studio Forms Designer
  • Data Binding
  • State Management and Web Applications
  • Session and Application State
  • Cookies
  • Server Controls
  • HTML Server Controls
  • Web Forms Server Controls
  • Rich, Validation and User Controls

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Career Opportunities

With the Microsoft ASP.NET Certificate you can seek work as a:

  • ASP.NET Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Help
  • Programmer

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