Student Referral Program

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Word of mouth pays! Get monetary rewards for referring other students to CCBST

CCBST Gives $300 – $1000 for Student Referrals

The Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology understands that our most valuable assets are our quality of service and “Word of Mouth” referrals. Did you know that over 30% of our students first learn about our college through a referral? It’s true! We encourage you to invite more students who would benefit from our life-changing educational programs to check out CCBST.

Like any business, we spend a good portion of our budget on advertising and promoting the benefits of our programs and services to our potential students. Rather than spending the money this way, we would rather reward our students and our partners directly for referring students to our college.

Common Questions and Answers

Who are appropriate referral candidates?

If you know somebody who needs to upgrade their skills and who is:

  • On E.I., WSIB, ODSP or Social Assistance
  • In Need of Financial Assistance
  • Unemployed or Underemployed
  • A Single Parent
  • A New Immigrant
  • A Protected Person

Tell them about the services and benefits offered at CCBST. You might open the door for somebody who is in need of a career upgrade and you will get rewarded for your help.

How do I refer a friend? How much of my time is involved?

Fill out this form with your referral’s contact information. Alternatively, you can give us a call. One of our representatives will be more than happy to collect the information from you. And with that, your job is done! That’s it!

What happens next? When do I get the reward?

  • Our College’s admissions representative will contact each referred student for an interview.
  • We will provide a free career consultation, select the right career program, assist in filing any funding applications (if applicable), and finalize the enrollment process.
  • The student will then start a full-time diploma program.
  • As soon as the student has completed 2 months of any diploma program, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your reward.
  • Valid photo ID must be presented to receive the reward; all income taxes earned in this program are the responsibility of the participant.
  • In the event of ANY dispute, Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology’s decision shall be final. Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology reserves the right to modify or discontinue this referral program at any time.

How much do I get per calendar year when my referral is enrolled?

  • 1st – 5th Referral – For Each Referral $300
  • 6th – 10th Referral – For Each Referral $400
  • From 11th Referral – For Each Referral $500
  • From 20th Referral – For Each Referral $800
  • From 30th Referral – For Each Referral $1000

What if my referral did not enroll in your college? (What is the "2nd Chance Reward System"?)

  • To thank you for taking the time to submit the referral form we have a 2nd Chance Reward System.
  • The first chance is for enrolled referrals (as outlined above), and the second chance is for all qualified referrals (enrolled or not enrolled).
  • As soon as your referral shows up for scheduled appointment, you will be qualified for a quarterly draw with a chance to win either one grand prize of $600 or one of 2 second prizes of $150 each.
  • Each qualified referral will be registered in our central database for auditing purposes, and the winners will be contacted and announced in our college and on our website. Each referral you enter becomes an entry into our draw.
  • You can submit as many referrals as you like, but please help us remain sensitive to the privacy wishes of those you refer, only refer contacts you think would be interested in education and skills upgrading. We schedule the referral draw every three months, please feel free to contact us to receive the next draw date. You are welcome to come to our college to witness the draw.

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For immediate questions or to speak with a friendly CCBST Admissions Advisor, call:

Brampton 647-479-0986
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