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Financial Planner

There are many Reasons to have a Financial Planner at your work place and your esteemed business is in need of such experts. Business is based on Income you got and a Certified Financial Planner can make possible to manage the inflow of money by planning of Financial Management. CCBST provides highly effective knowledge to their students with Certification Financial Planning which helps students to get their effective place in role of Managing income that helps companies in order to understanding; How much money company will need for tax, other monthly expenses, Cash on Hand and Savings needed. Students may work as a Consultant Financial Planner professional that can enable their career under Financial Planner Advisor along with the support of Financial Planning Association that will support during practice. A smart Financial Planning Expert can manage the most important segment of finance 'Cash Flow' increasing Cash Flows with carefully monitoring companies spending, expenses and most importantly monthly and Yearly Budgeting. Students at CCBST participating with course will acquire an understanding of concepts and practical knowledge to manage and minimize the Financial Risk by the Accurate Financial Planning.


This course prepares students for employment in the field of financial planning.

Course Duration

35 Weeks


Students participating in the course will acquire an understanding of the concepts, as well as applications associated with financial calculations, and the analysis of financial statements. Student's will develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles, applications related to risk management, and retirement planning.

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